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Feature Comparison – V1 and V2

Proving Ground will soon be releasing version 2.0 of Conveyor with a greatly expanded workflow toolkit for Rhino + Revit integration. Conveyor v2.0 will continue to build upon and support the features introduced in v1.0 with added integrations and extensions as enabled by Rhino 7.0 with Rhino.Inside capability.




Rhino Setup

Rhino setup plugin controls for classifying Rhino (6 and 7) objects as Revit types

Direct Modeling in Rhino

Create Rhino (6 and 7) objects directly in Rhino using standard commands and methods.

Parametric Workflows in Rhino

Define and author geometry using Grasshopper in Rhino (6 and 7)

Read Rhino 3DM from Revit

Revit plugin reads contents and classified objects from Rhino (6 and 7) into Revit

Selective Rhino Object Import

Selectively import classified Rhino (6 and 7) objects into Revit as BIM elements.

Selective Rhino Object Update

Identify Rhino (6 and 7) object changes and selectively update Rhino objects into Revit.

**NEW** Direct Rhino Send/Update Objects to Revit

Rhino 7 plugin allows direct modeling and sending of objects into Revit when open in Rhino.Inside.Revit

**NEW** Direct Get Revit Geometry into Rhino

Rhino 7 plugin allows direct getting of Revit elements into Rhino when open in Rhino.Inside.Revit

**NEW** Direct Parametric Workflows

Rhino 7 Grasshopper plugin allows parametric sending of objects to Revit and can be extended with Rhino.Inside.Revit components.

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