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Two versions of Tracer are available: 2D and 3D. The chart below can be used as a guide to understand the differences in capability.




Revit Data Harvest

Tracer Revit addin for exporting element data (including parameters) to a SQLite database file.

Revit 2D Location Harvest

Tracer Revit addin supporting exporting of 2D ‘location geometry’ for diagrammatic 2D visuals (such as rooms) within Power BI

**NEW** Selective Revit Category Harvesting

A user interface for selecting subset of element categories for more streamlined exports of specific document data. (update will be provided to all 2D and 3D users)

2D Power BI Visual

A Power BI visual for dynamically visualizing 2D geometry records ‘on demand’

**NEW** Revit 3D Mesh Harvest

The Tracer Revit harvest addin prepares 3D mesh geometry for export to the SQLite database file

**NEW** Revit 3D Mesh Harvest Compression

The Tracer Revit harvest addin allows users to select different mesh compression options to reduce size of complex meshes

**NEW** 3D Power BI Visual

A Power BI visual for dynamically rendering 3D mesh records from data fields ‘on demand’

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