Program for the 2022-2023 Academic Year!

Proving Ground Apps are available with educational discounts for students, instructors, and academic institution computer labs. We hope this can help to expand access to our tools for students and professors that are interested in data-driven methods and interoperability workflows.

Students and Instructors

Individual Students and Instructors can purchase standard perpetual licenses for Proving Ground apps at a discount. These licenses don’t expire – you can purchase them once and use them for the rest of your schooling.

Students are eligible for an 80% discount and instructors for a 50% discount.

Students: Those who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, or doctoral program and seeking a degree.

Instructors: Faculty or adjunct staff members who are paid by a university to teach or engage in research, including researchers who are engaged in university grant programs.

To receive a discount code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Contact and provide the following:
    • Name of your academic institute
    • Verification of enrollment (or employment as a professor)
    • Your graduation date (students only)
  2. After verification, Proving Ground will provide an educational discount code and instructions allowing for the purchase of the Apps
  3. The apps will be provided under the terms and conditions of a license agreement specifying the apps are made available for educational-use only. The tools cannot be used for commercial purposes when purchased with this discount.
Prices as of September 13, 2022

Discount Rate80%50%
Conveyor V3$139.00$347.50
Semantic V3$84.00$210.00
Tracer for Revit V3$79.00$197.50
Tracer for IFC V3$59.00$147.50

Note: Proving Ground Apps are developed for Windows 10 and 11, and include plugins for Revit (2020-2023), Rhino 7, and Power BI