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Business Intelligence with Revit

Tracer is a standalone toolkit for creating interactive 2D and 3D diagrams of BIM objects with Microsoft® PowerBI® software. The toolkit includes a Autodesk Revit® addin that allows users to export diagrammatic geometry and data for BIM objects including rooms, areas, spaces, and family instance locations.

Tracer eliminates cumbersome, multi-step processes for exporting and visualizing Revit data and geometry in Power BI.

The Tracer Export Revit addin automatically creates a data file containing your Revit model data for visualization. The Power BI 2D and 3D visuals render geometry on demand directly from data fields.

Interactive 3D Models in Power BI

The Power BI Tracer visual can be used to create interactive 2D vector graphics amd 3D geometry within a dashboard report.

The Tracer visual uses data fields for “on demand” visualization and will respond to report filters and other Power BI interactions.

Leverage your Revit data

The Tracer Revit exporter harvests your model element data into a novel and open database file format and schema.

The file contains Revit element records, location geometry, and parameter values that can be analyzed and queried to support a variety of analytical workflows outside of Revit.