Organizations need flexible product licensing models that can support a larger pool of users at an economical price points. In addition to the standard perpetual licensing available on this website, Semantic can also be deployed as an enterprise-wide toolkit.

Why Semantic Enterprise?

  • Scales to larger groups of users with support and upgrades.
  • Tools can support any skill level with a low barrier to entry.
  • Tools provide novel business intelligence support for Rhino.
  • Builds upon Rhino 3DM and Power BI workflows.

Enterprise Features

Contract Assumptions

  • Annual subscription scaled to your business needs.
  • No limits on device installs.*
  • No limits on concurrent users.*
  • New version releases and upgrades
  • IT deployment support.
  • Technical support priority.
  • Training and consultations.

*Contract value is set based on a mutual understanding of an estimated number of regular software users and will be evaluated annually. See the pricing guide below.

Included Software

  • Semantic plugin for Rhino 7
  • Grasshopper Semantic tools
  • 3D Rhino Power BI visual
    • Rhino File Visual
    • Data File Visual

Want to try it out?

Enterprise Pricing Guide

Contract values are set by determining an estimated number of regular users in your organization. We will work with you to set the value based on an understanding of current user pools of Rhino and Power BI. The following are dollar figures that can be used for budgeting and estimation purposes. Enterprise contracts are billed annually.

Small Team

  • 5-14 User Range
  • 2 training/consulting hours per year

$300 USD /user/year

$25 USD /user/mo

Medium Team

  • 15-29 User Range
  • 4 training/consulting hours per year

$240 USD /user/year

$20 USD /user/mo

Large Team

  • 30-50+ User Range
  • 6 training/consulting hours per year

$216 USD /user/year

$18 USD /user/mo