Tracer Server is a data centralization platform for Revit building information model data. Tracer Server provides data automation capabilities for harvesting model data from multiple project models for a single source of truth for your business enterprise.

Why Tracer Server?

  • Capture building data from multiple Revit projects into a single database.
  • Automate model harvesting operations using the Tracer web portal.
  • Use 2D and 3D Power BI visuals to compose report templates for enterprise reporting.
  • Combine building data with other business resources, such as enterprise planning.

Enterprise Features

Contract Assumptions

  • Enterprise-wide deployment subscription deployment.
  • Deployment options
    • On premises
    • Azure cloud services
  • Annualized technical support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Included Software

  • Tracer Server web portal
    • Setting configuration
    • Model task upload
    • BIM360 model harvesting
  • Revit remote harvest automation
    • Revit 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Tracer MySQL Revit database
  • Power BI 3D and 2D report visuals

Enterprise Pricing Guide

A Tracer Server deployment contract is based on an annual subscription to the platform components used at the enterprise level. Customization and implementation options are available based on unique business needs.


  • Enterprise-wide deployment
  • Technology subscription
  • Support + Upgrades

$20,000 USD /year

*Software pricing excludes custom deployment considerations and third-party IT infrastructure and licensing costs.

Custom Implementation

  • Software customization
  • Data standards consulting
  • Implementation training

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