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HOW TO: Manage Uploaded Revit Documents

Document Management Page

  1. Select “Admin”, or the Gear icon, from the collapsible main menu on the left side of the screen
  2. Select “Documents” from the Tracer submenu
  3. Choose a Database from the dropdown menu to see the associated files.
  4. For each file, you will see the Revit file name, it’s upload date and time, the Revit version (year), and the User who uploaded it.

Helpful hints:

  • The number of Rows per Page can be adjusted by selecting a value from the dropdown menu.
  • The rows can be sorted by clicking on a header name. The order can be reversed by clicking once more.
Example documents page showing three files in a “Staging” database.

Delete a Document

  • Select the trash bin icon in line with the file that you wish to delete from the database. A confirmation window will appear.
  • Select “Delete” to permanently remove the file from the database.
“Delete a document” confirmation window

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