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Q: What are Proving Ground Apps and how are they provided to users?

  • A: Proving Ground apps are desktop plugins and addons that extend popular software related to Computer Aided Design (CAD), Business Intelligence, and Building Information Modeling. Software downloaded from this website is installed locally on a user’s computer device (usually a Windows computer). Software available for download on this website is not cloud software.

Q: What are your privacy policies regarding account management and the software we download from you?

  • A: Please review our Privacy Policy here which provides our policy for what information we collect when you use this website and supporting applications. In addition, each of our applications has an end user license agreement (EULA) that is accepted when you proceed with installation. Data we collect is related to error reporting and feature usage for improving our software plugins.

Q: Do you collect any information about the projects, 3D models, and/or drawings used in conjunction with any of your PG Apps?

  • A: No. Any information you create or use with PG Apps is not collected or processed in any way outside of your local desktop environment that the PG Apps are installed on. Proving Ground does not collect, store, or process any information about your project – including 3D geometry, data properties, and project information.

Q: How are payments processed when purchasing your software?

  • A: Payment processing is handled by Stripe: a third-party credit card processing company. No payment information – including credit card information – is stored on the PG Apps website or affiliated Proving Ground-owned websites.

Q: How can we test your software?

  • A: Each of our PG Apps has an available trial period ranging from 15-30 days. During the trial period, the application will behave with all features available. The trials are a way for users to evaluate if the product will meet your needs and function within your environment.

Q: Do you provide refunds on purchased software licenses?

  • A: In very limited cases, we will consider providing a requested refund. Please review our Refund Policy here. To avoid the predicament of needing a refund, please install and test a trial version of our apps first!

Q: Our company’s procurement has lengthy and onerous software screening questionnaires. Do you respond to software procurement questionnaires?

  • A: As desktop plugins, Proving Ground Apps come with a small digital footprint and are plugins for other desktop software that run locally on your desktop. We strive to provide as much documentation and transparency for their usage and features as possible on this website. Furthermore, the availability of our trials provide a way for your company to verify if the product is right for you and comply with your requirements for privacy and security. If you have specific concerns about the software, please feel free to contact us.

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