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Q: Where do LunchBox plugins get installed?

  • A: %USERPROFILE%\Grasshopper\Libraries\LunchBox

Q:  I have LunchBox installed but it does not appear in Grasshopper. What’s going on?

  • A: The plugin files may be ‘blocked’. Navigate to the LunchBox plugin directory, right-click each file > properties > ensure the file is ‘unblocked’
Example properties menu with “Unblock” checked


Q: I can’t find the LunchBox for Dynamo app to download. Where can I install it?

Operating Systems

Q: How can I install LunchBox on a Mac computer?

  • A: While Proving Ground does not officially support a version of LunchBox for Mac, you may download the .ZIP file that contains the components and manually place them into the Grasshopper Libraries folder on your machine.
    • Please note: Not all of the components will work on a Mac system.
    • The ClickOnce installer application will not work on a Mac system.
    • The .ZIP file is included in the LunchBox download on our site. You can also find it at Food4Rhino.com with “ZIP” indicated in the title.
    • After downloading, ensure that the ZIP folder is not locked. Right click on the folder from your file browser, and select “Get Info” which will open a new window with the details about the file. Uncheck the “Locked” box, if applicable.
    • Extract the files from the ZIP, and then copy and paste the files within it into your Grasshopper Libraries folder.
    • To locate the Libraries folder, Navigate to File > Special Folders > Components within the Grasshopper menu.
  • Alternatively, Mac computers can be partitioned to run Windows.

LunchBox Download from the Proving Ground Website
Select “Lunchbox for Grasshopper – ZIP Plugin Files” to download the ZIP Files for Mac

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