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Third-Party Tutorials


From YouTube: “In this Grasshopper Tutorial for beginners you will learn how to make a Parametric Stadium Façade Design in Grasshopper using Lunchbox plugin. This is a Beginners rhino grasshopper tutorial you will see how to use grasshopper 3d and lunchbox plugin to make a parametric stadium façade.”

Video creator: Architutors

From YouTube: “In this tutorial, we’re going to talk about How to use Lunchbox in Grasshopper and what are some of the fastest ways to create this project.”

Video creator: How to Rhino

Video creator: Om. Evgo


From YouTube: “In this tutorial you will see: – Quick trusses, bracing, diagrids and more. – Spreadsheet and data format integration. – Other components useful for engineers.”

Video Creator: Structured Parametrics


Video creator: Michael Wickerson

Machine Learning

Presentation by Nate Miller and Andy Payne of Proving Ground

Video creator: Thornton Thomasetti | Core Studio

Video creator: Michael Wickerson

From YouTube: “This video demonstrates how to quickly create a cube of points using Python. Also, I used plugin LunchBoxML for create different colours of points. (ML – Machine Learning).”

Video creator: Vadym Parnytskyi

Video creator: Gioru

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