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HOW TO: Create a Document Property


Document properties allow users to define “global” variables in a Rhino document that can be used to define general project information or numeric properties that can be used in Query formulas. The following types of property controls are available at the Document level:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Button

Create a Document Class with Properties

1. Open the Class Manager

Activate the Class manager from the main Semantic panel.

2. Add a Document class

A document class exposes properties at a document level in Semantic. These properties can be used to establish global variables that are useful in query formulas.

3. Add a property to the class

You can add groupings of parameters to any class. Here we add a Number property.

For this property “Contingency” a slider interface is used with a maximum and minimum constraint.

4. Check the property in the main window

After saving, the property is exposed as a Document Property in the main Semantic window.

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