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Some element meshes are not appearing in Power BI

When I connect the Tracer 3D Power BI visual to mesh fields, only some geometry is visualized with a warning icon.

  • Semantic V3 includes the 3D “Tracer” visual for reading geometry records from SQLite databases.
  • The Tracer visuals render geometry using gLTF text strings stored in database records.
  • Power BI’s report environment loads text strings up to 32,766 characters.
  • It is very possible for a gLTF text string to exceed this and Power BI will silently truncate these strings. Here is a possible workaround to rendering large meshes
  • My mesh strings are exceeding Power BI’s character limit when loading data into the Report.
  • Go into the “Transform Data” environment in Power BI.
  • Choose your mesh column and choose “Split column” > “By number of characters”
  • Enter in the value of 32,766 characters and choose to split “Repeatedly”
    • Repeatedly will produce as many columns as needed by the largest mesh in your columns… careful, some meshes may VERY large require many columns?
  • Save and load the data with split mesh columns into your report
  • Within the Power BI report environment, create a New Column in your data source
  • Use the CONCATENATE() formulate to merge your split mesh columns back together.

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