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Installing Semantic in Rhino 8


  • Semantic has not been fully developed or tested for Rhino 8 as of yet.
  • Attempts to install Semantic in Rhino 8 fail, or Rhino 8 throws an error message on open that Semantic is not able to load.


  • Install Semantic following the standard instructions.
  • Implement a .NET Framework workaround in Rhino 8, referring to this article from McNeel for more information. See video below.
  • Open Rhino8 in .NET Framework mode.
  • For the first use:
    • In your Windows file browser, navigate to the following location: %APPDATA%\Roaming\Proving Ground\Semantic\Rhino7
    • Select the “Semantic.rhp”, then drag and drop the file directly into your Rhino window.
    • Rhino should load Semantic, with the Command History message, “Semantic (version number) loaded. Drag and drop loaded plug-in…”
      • If you receive a pop-up error message stating “Unable to load plugin Semantic: initialization failed” then you have most likely attempted to open Rhino in a .NET Core session. Revisit the steps above.
    • After completing this process, Semantic should load when launching Rhino 8 in .NET Framework.
  • Note: Some Semantic features may not be available with this workflow.
Example Error Message

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