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Introduction to the Semantic Rhino Plugin

Creating Custom Properties

This video provides an overview of creating and assigning custom Rhino object properties with the Semantic plugin. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to create custom Semantic properties – How to assign custom properties to objects
  • How to define custom Document-level properties

Creating a Tabular Report

This video describes how to create a live tabular report using Semantic reports in Rhino. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to create a Semantic report
  • How to define a value field with a formula
  • How reports update with model changes
  • How to export a report to Excel

Use Semantic as a Grasshopper Remote Control

This video describes a process for using Semantic Rhino properties to trigger actions and events within Grasshopper. This allows Semantic to serve as both a property manager and a “remote control” for computational design actions. This example shows how to establish parametric sliders in Semantic to control geometric divisions in Grasshopper

  • Learn how to create “Document” properties
  • Learn how to create live connections with Semantic Grasshopper components.

Transfer Property Definitions between Rhino Documents

This tutorial covers how to transfer and reuse Semantic property definitions between Rhino documents. This approach allows users to create property templates and reapply properties in different projects.

  • Learn how to export property group definitions
  • Learn how to import property group definitions into a new document

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