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Product Overview

Semantic is a data integration plugin for Rhino that enables users to create, assign, and manage custom property data with their geometry. Users can define object- and document-level properties. Users can query their Rhino model to generate exportable tabular reports. Semantic’s approach to data management introduces a ‘BIM lite” feature to Rhino where users can take full advantage of Rhino’s flexible geometry with a flexible information scheme.

Semantic is currently included with the Conveyor product.

Integrate and control your Data in Rhino

Geometry and data are not exclusive concepts – Semantic exposes an easy-to-learn interface for managing data assignment and querying interface in your Rhino document.

Assign custom data to geometry

Users can define and assign custom properties for their Rhino objects. Custom properties are useful for a wide variety of use cases including capturing object classification, cost, constraints, or identifying information.

Generate live queries and reports

Queries allow users to get live feedback on Semantic Rhino data. As a model’s geometry and data is developed, a live query will report the results. Query data can also be exported to CSV, JSON, and Excel formats for use in other applications.

Leverage data in a parametric workflow

The Semantic framework can be integrated with parametric tools, such as Grasshopper, for interactive data-driven workflows. Use Semantic to drive parametric Grasshopper inputs or drive novel reporting and interoperability techniques.

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