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Video Tutorials

Semantic Workshop (March 17, 2021)

This workshop recording features live step-by-step demonstrations of the Semantic plugin for Rhino 3D and Power BI. Semantic equips users with workflows for integrating data properties with their Rhino objects. A 3D visual in Microsoft Power BI allows users to render McNeel Rhinoceros 3D models to communicate their design in a dashboard report.

  • Learn how to define custom data properties in your Rhino 3D model
  • Learn how to create live tabular reports of objects within Rhino
  • Learn how to export object data for use in Power BI
  • Learn how to display 3D Rhino geometry in Power BI

New Tutorials!

Compare Rhino Design Options in Power BI

This tutorial covers how to use the 3D Rhino Power BI visual’s “View” field to create multiple parallel views of your Rhino model based on a property field. This allows users to create comparison dashboards during architectural design.

  • Learn how to setup the “view” field in the Rhino 3D visual
  • Learn how to use a slicer to control visible 3D views
  • Learn about use cases for using multiple parallel views

Transfer Property Definitions between Rhino Documents

This tutorial covers how to transfer and reuse Semantic property definitions between Rhino documents. This approach allows users to create property templates and reapply properties in different projects.

  • Learn how to export property group definitions
  • Learn how to import property group definitions into a new document

Coordinate Rhino Object Colors with Power BI

This tutorial covers how to coordinate object colors in Rhino with the color assignment in Power BI. This tutorial makes use of “Internal” Semantic values.

  • Learn how to report Rhino object color in a Semantic report.
  • Learn how to assign a list of colors to the 3D Rhino visual in Power BI

Getting Started

Creating Custom Properties

This video provides an overview of creating and assigning custom Rhino object properties with the Semantic plugin. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to create custom Semantic properties – How to assign custom properties to objects
  • How to define custom Document-level properties

Creating a Tabular Report

This video describes how to create a live tabular report using Semantic reports in Rhino 6. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to create a Semantic report
  • How to define a value field with a formula
  • How reports update with model changes
  • How to export a report to Excel

Visualizing Rhino with Power BI

This tutorial provides an overview of visualizing 3D Rhino model geometry in Power BI. The 3D Rhino Visual is included in the standard purchase for the Semantic plugin. This video covers:

  • Loading the 3D Rhino visual in Power BI
  • Connected to an architectureal 3D Rhino model
  • Coordinating report data with the 3D visual
  • Publishing a report for viewing the 3D Power BI report on the web

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