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What’s new in V3?

Introduction to new Semantic V3 Features

A brief overview of the new capabilities included in Semantic V3

  • New database exporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced reporting and visualization features.

Two 3D Power BI Workflows for Rhino

Semantic V3 includes two “flavors” of our 3D Power BI visual.

  • One visual allows users to ‘upload’ a Rhino 3DM file to Power BI and connect it to data using IDs.
  • The other 3D Power visual leverages ‘field based’ geometry stored within a data connection. This allows users to drag/drop geometry fields directly to the visual.

Connect to Exported Rhino data using ODBC with Power BI

Semantic V3 includes a new database export function that allows users to select objects and export geometry and properties to a SQLite relational database. This database can then be connected to Power BI and used in template creation.

3D Visual Format Settings in Power BI

This tutorial covers the formatting and edition options available in the 3D Power BI visuals included with Semantic V3. Visuals have different stylistic and data display settings that enable users to tell their 3D story with Rhinoceros geometry.

Conditional Formatting with the 3D Power BI visuals

This tutorial reviews how to use Conditional Formatting with the 3D Power BI visuals included with Semantic V3. Conditional formatting can be useful to provide color-based data visualization to 3D objects to support data-driven decisions.

Using the Context Field Input on the 3D Visual

With the 3D Power BI visuals included with Semantic V3, users are able to flag geometry as ‘context’ – or background – which opens up different display and presentation opportunities for reporting. This tutorial covers how to establish context geometry settings.

Creating and Exporting Grasshopper DataSets

A tutorial for how to define a custom ‘DataSet’ within Grasshopper and exporting it to SQLite + Power BI

  • Define DataSet
  • Use gLTF Binary geometry
  • Save data to SQLite

Transforming Data with Power BI

A tutorial for using Power BI’s Transform Data features to organize exported Rhino data in Power BI

  • Relationship manager
  • Editing data sources
  • Using Power BI Merge functions.

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