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Release Notes


This page tracks notes about service release versions of Semantic currently included with Conveyor. Here you will find information on new features, improvements, and bug fixes for service releases.

Not on the latest release? Read how to update to the latest version of Semantic here.


  • IMPORTANT: Versions 1.5+ will support Rhino 7 exclusively. v1.5 represents a break from support for Rhino 6. The prior installer for version 1.0 is available as a deprecated download from the account management portal and will continue to be available to users who need the Rhino 6 plugin.
  • Rhino Plugin Updates
    • Sub-D objects now report Area and Volume using Semantic “Internal” properties.
    • Block Objects now report Area and Volume using Semantic “Internal” properties.
    • Fixed a bug that had volume continue to be reported even if an object suddenly became ‘open’ or not solid.

Release v.

  • Rhino Plugin
    • Document “internal” preview parameter update:
      • Preview UI Behavior change: The “By Layer” option is now defined as “None (Rhino Display)”. When on this setting, users are able to change object colors (By layer, by object color, etc) without Semantic overriding the color unexpectedly. This gives users more control over how they might color their objects and have values report to the “Internal” Color value. Very useful for analysis colors
      • If users want to display objects “By Layer” – simple use the normal Rhino properties workflow for your selected objects!

Release v.

  • Rhino Plugin
    • Expanded internal properties including reporting for:
      • Volume (for solids)
      • Object name
      • Object layer
      • Object color
    • Grasshopper “Bake with Properties” component includes color input

Release v.

  • Power BI Visual
    • Pagination for multi-view visual
    • Fixed a few model loading bugs

Release v.

  • Rhino Plugin: Added the ability to assign properties to SubD and Block instances
  • Power BI Visual
    • Added the ability to create “multi-view” visuals.
    • Added the ability to edit geometry edge colors

Release v.1.01.35285

  • Now semantic application versioning (pun intended)
  • Power BI Rhino Visual: Fixed an issue where object color overrides created load failure.

Release v.2020.4.9

New Features

  • Minor update to include link to this documentation from the main form.

Release v.2020.3.8

New Features

  • Initial release as product
    • Implemented full licensing check
    • Implemented trial licensing check

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