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HOW TO: Use a Tracer Power BI Template


After a Tracer Revit export is complete, you can test out your data with our Tracer Power BI template package.

Download Tracer Power BI Templates

1. Locate and open a Power BI Template

Locate the Power BI template you want to test your data with.

Double-click to open the Power BI template file (*.pbit)

2. Provide the file path to your SQLite DB file

Tracer templates will prompt the user to provide a path the exported SQLite file.

Copy and paste the path to the SQLite database file (*.db). and click load.

3. Connect through ODBC Form

Power BI will prompt you to connect to the file from an ODBC form. Be sure to select “Default or Custom” and click “Connect”.

This is a default Power BI prompt. No password or connection string is required.

4. Wait for Data to Load

Power BI will load the data source. The load time will vary based on the size for your SQLite database file.

5. Review the Power BI Report and Loaded Data

After the data is loaded, Power BI will load the visuals. A Tracer visual is pre-placed in the report displaying room and element data.

6. Updating Template Trial Visuals to Licensed Visuals

The free sample templates have Trial visuals included. These can be easily updated with licensed visuals if you have purchased them.

  1. Click on the Trial visual in the template.
  2. Under the Visuals tab, select the “…” and choose “Import a Visual From File”
  3. Navigate to your Documents Folder > Proving Ground > Tracer and locate your licensed visual.
  4. Choose to overwrite the existing visual.
  5. Refresh your report page.

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