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Release Notes


This page tracks notes about service release versions of Tracer IFC. Here you will find information on new features, improvements, and bug fixes for service releases.

Release v3.1.0.3 (CURRENT VERSION)

  • Bug fix – Tracer IFC export would crash if it encountered a mismatch between the IFC document precision and meshes that required greater precision to calculated. This version sets the document to a higher precision before processing meshes for better stability.

Release v3.0.0.0 (MAJOR VERSION RELEASE)

  • MAJOR VERSION RELEASE – Requires upgrade from V1 and V2 licenses
  • Watch new video tutorials for new features included in Tracer V3 for IFC
  • Get the new templates for testing connections to Power BI
  • IFC Exporter
    • Includes Property Set (Pset) field in property exports
    • Export stability improvements
    • Resource links to documentation, tutorials, and templates
  • 3D Visual
    • Overhaul of 3D visualization engine for performance and speed
    • New projection modes including top, bottom, left, right
    • New visualization modes including wireframe and ghosted
    • New ability to flag ‘context’ geometry for coordination
    • New color support for conditional formatting
    • New ability for independent ‘multi-view’ navigation

Release v1.1.0.0

  • Improvement/Bug:
    • Improved property set exporting – previous exports may have resulted in partial property set exports due to presence of null values.

Release v1.0.7.0

  • Include Simple Physical Quantities on Export: Exports now included “Simple Physical Quantities” for objects including computed area, lengths, volumes where applicable. (these are different than Property Sets)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Resolved error indexing on “Element Meshes” table
    • Resolved error resulting from default mesh tessellation property boxes.

Release v1.0.4.6

  • Database update: Introduced ElementMesh table to store separate mesh entities making up a single Element records – introduces as a way to break down single objects containing many objects (eg. CurtainWall)
    • Note this update will affect the ability to append to older databases.
  • Application Logging: Introduced event logging and exception logging (sent to our application cloud log. This data will be used to facilitate technical support and product improvement.

Release v1.0.0.0

  • FIRST RELEASE! Support for trial, licensing, additional stability improvements.

Release v0.7.0.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Multi-select IFC files from browser and batch process to a single SQLite database.

Release v0.6.1.0

  • Tracer IFC App now targets a 64-bit platform. To update, users will need to remove their previous version of Tracer IFC (using add/remove programs) and reinstall.
  • NEW FEATURE: Control mesh deflection settings. Deflection Angle and Tolerance expose parameters that will affect how the 3D meshes are derived. Adjusting these settings allows users to export higher or lower detail meshes
  • NEW FEATURE: Add to existing database. When exporting and IFC file, users can select an existing SQLite database. During the save process, users will have the option to:
    • Add model data to the existing database (adds a new model record)
    • Overwrite the existing database (save a new database)

Release v0.5.0.0

First BETA release

  • A Windows application with the ability to select and process an IFC file to a relational SQLite database.
    • Select IFC file
    • Change object category settings and selections
    • Toggle 3D exporting
    • Process/save an database file

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