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Power BI is not correctly displaying special characters (country/region)

Imported text values are not properly displaying special characters based on my country/region/language.

The Tracer exporter exports data to SQLite. The value does not appear correctly in Power BI.

  • The text encoding of values result in incorrect display of text values in Power BI for special characters used in different regions
Solution 1 – Region Settings
  • Check your Power BI regional settings and ensure that your Global and Document settings match your region.
Solution 2 – Text Encoding
  • Convert your Text column to different encoding using a Power Query function. Example:
    • Create a new custom column
    • Use Text encoding formula to convert the encoding of text.
    • Example:
      • Encoded Column = Text.FromBinary(Text.ToBinary([YOUR COLUMN NAME], TextEncoding.Utf8), TextEncoding.Windows)
    • This formula converts a text column from UTF8 to Windows encoding

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