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Tracer exporter fails to save the database with an error

  • During the exporting process, Tracer will encounter an error when finalizing the creation of the SQLite database file (*.db) containing the data.
  • An error is presented indicating that an unknown error has occurred with an indication of a failure at “SaveFileAsync()
  • No database is created as a result.
  • This issue seems to affect a small subset of users but has been – so far – not producible in our testing and development environments.
  • POSSIBILITY 1: The error indicates problems saving the SQLite database file which may stem from security policies present that restrict SQL operations. This may come in the form of:
    • Preventive measures guarding against SQL injection.
    • Restrictions in saving files and temporary in a certain location.
  • POSSIBILITY 2: Some or all Installed files are being ‘blocked’ by Windows. This seems to be the most likely issue in cases where Tracer was installed using an offline installer method.
    • We recommend asking your IT administration professional to run the following Powershell command, which will unblock all of the files in the Proving Ground directory.
    • get-childitem -Recurse “$env:AppData\Proving Ground” | unblock-file
Not working? We can help!
  • Email with a detailed message, including any “InstallerLog.txt” files from the “%APPDATA%/Proving Ground/Tracer” folder on your computer.

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