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Release Notes


This page tracks notes about service release versions of Tracer for Revit. Here you will find information on new features, improvements, and bug fixes for service releases.

Release v3.5.0.0 (Current Version)

  • Deployment now includes version for Revit 2024
  • Mesh geometry exporting improvements – up to 16% faster exports!

Release v3.0.0.35

Release v3.0.0.0

  • Major version release – requires upgrade from 1.0 or 2.0 versions
  • Watch new video tutorials for learning V3 features!
  • New Power BI templates for V3 are available!
  • Revit Exporter
    • Links to documentation and visual location
    • Support for exporting non-English text (special characters)
    • Stability improvements
    • Support for Revit 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020
  • 3D Power BI Visual
    • Overhaul of 3D visualization engine for performance and speed
    • New projection modes including top, bottom, left, right
    • New visualization modes including wireframe and ghosted
    • New ability to flag ‘context’ geometry for coordination
    • New color support for conditional formatting
    • New ability for independent ‘multi-view’ navigation

Release v2.11.3.6 (CURRENT VERSION)

3D Visual Service Release

  • Expose a format option to “Show or Hide” the Warning icon
  • Removed the “Proving Ground” logo during loading operations
  • Improved visual click events, highlighting
  • Visual loading now shows a circular progress icon
  • Warning details now shows more data

Release v2.11.0.4

New Revit Version Supported!

  • Tracer now supports Revit 2022!
  • Revit exporter addin improvements to processing speed and parallel processing of some element data.

Release v2.9.0.5

New Feature

  • Control exported Revit mesh detail level with a slider setting. Setting the slider to 0.1 will result in a lower-resolution mesh. 1.0 will be a higher resolution mesh.

Release v2.4.5.1

Bug Fix

  • A bug with save file pathing creating improper file names has been fixed.

Release v2.4.3.1

Bug Fix

  • Tracer exporter would fail on BIM360 models. This has been fixed.

Release v2.4.0.28

New Features

  • New Revit exporter interface that includes the ability to select Revit element categories and save export presets.
  • New 3D Tracer visual for Power BI is included if you purchase a 3D license.
  • New Trial option with 15-day Revit export tools and watermarked visuals.

Release v1.4.3


  • Fixed an issue with Proving Ground logos appearing on the visual in dashboard
  • Fixed a deployment issue that was incorrectly deploying Spatialite dependencies for the Tracer harvester.

Release v1.4

New Features

  • Release the Kraken! Tracer Revit harvests are now far more extensive to include more element types. Processing time is higher, but far more complete.

Release v1.3

New Features

  • Support for gradient color mapping to visual category field (heat maps!)
  • Support for harvesting Revit data from unsaved models and cloud models
  • Control over point location size
  • Control over polygon and point edge visibility


  • Fixed a bug that disallowed numeric inputs into the visual category fields
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed numeric inputs into the visual tooltips

Release v1.0

New Features

  • First official release available for download!

Known Bugs

  • Resolution: To be addressed in next service release scheduled for week of 2020.8.3
  • Unsaved models and cloud models will not export without first being saved locally
  • Some SQLite database “Views” need corrections to their query

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