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Tracer visual colors are not behaving normally in PowerBI

When selecting an object in a Tracer visual, the surrounding geometry displays with incorrect colors. Changing the visual setup does not correct the problem.

The Tracer visuals for Power BI may have this problem if Microsoft Edge WebView2 is not installed.

  • Incorrect display of colors of unselected objects in the Tracer 3D Visual for Power BI.
Other indicators
  • PowerBI may display a warning across the top of the canvas, which states “Future versions of this application will require a core component to be updated. To avoid disruptions, please install Microsoft Edge WebView2 and activate the ‘Power BI Desktop Infrastructure update’ preview feature…”
The bright green and red colors are unexpected and incorrect.
The PowerBI warning (yellow bar in this screenshot) indicates that Microsoft Edge WebView2 needs to be installed.

Images provided by a customer. Thank you, Yskert!

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