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Exporting data from Revit is slow or appears to freeze

Exporting my Revit model is slow

When exporting your model, you find that Tracer takes a long time to process your model to a SQLite database. This is likely due to some objects in your model possessing meshes with a high polygonal count.

  • Tracer’s export is slow or appears to freeze.
Solution 1
  • Reduce your 3D geometry Level of Detail using the 3D Export control settings.
    • Reducing the LOD of the Revit mesh can speed up exports for more complex objects.
Solution 2
  • The most common culprit for long export times are extremely complex families that produce a large mesh object to process. Here are some common culprits to producing large meshes and longer export times
    • Manufacturing families – Families downloaded from manufacturing websites – such as furniture companies – are often unoptimized and are comprised of imported, high-polygonal meshes.
    • Super families – Families that are designed to accommodate numerous geometric conditions with many embedded components can produce long export times.
    • Signage families with 3D text – Signage families with 3D text and multiple visibility options result in large complex meshes to process.

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