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Tracer for Revit Installer fails

There may be several different reasons why Tracer is not installing correctly.

The following chart explains common problems and their solutions.

Common ProblemSolution
Revit was opened during some part of the installation process.Follow the instructions on this page to uninstall and reinstall Tracer, ensuring that Revit is closed throughout the entire process.
Your organization’s security protocols prevented Tracer from fully installing.Reach out to your organization’s IT professionals for help with installation. Verify that folders can be written and copied to your %APPDATA% folder.
The Tracer installer folder and its contents are “blocked” after download.Verify that the installer folder and its contents are unblocked by checking it’s properties for a button labeled “Unblock”. If the “Unblock” button appears, click it to unblock each blocked folder. Then, uninstall and reinstall Tracer following the instructions on this page.

See related issue: “Tracer is unable to save the database
Not working? We can help!
  • Email with a detailed message, including any “InstallerLog.txt” files from the “%APPDATA%/Proving Ground/Tracer” folder on your computer.

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