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HOW TO: Export Revit Model Data to SQLite

1. Open a Revit model document

Open a Revit model document (rvt). Under the Proving Ground tab find the “Tracer” command.

2. Choose a save location

Adjust your export settings as needed. Depending on your license, you can select 2D and 3D export options and select which Revit element categories should be exported

3. Choose a save location

Choose where to save your exported data.

4. Wait for export process to complete

Tracer will activate a status bar to show the export process. When complete, Tracer will display a message indicating that the export was successful.

Note: Numeric values – such as lengths and areas – utilize Revit’s internal units which are decimal feet.

5. Verify that a SQLite has been created

After the export is complete, a SQLite (*.db) file will be created.

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