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HOW TO: Export Revit Model Data to SQLite

1. Open a Revit model document

Open a Revit model document (rvt). Under the Proving Ground tab find the “Tracer” command.

2. Choose a save location

Adjust your export settings as needed. You can select 2D and 3D export options and select which Revit element categories should be exported.

3. Choose a save location

Choose where to save your exported data.

4. Wait for export process to complete

Tracer will activate a status bar to show the export process. When complete, Tracer will display a message indicating that the export was successful.

Note: Numeric values – such as lengths and areas – utilize Revit’s internal units which are decimal feet.

5. Verify that a SQLite has been created

After the export is complete, a SQLite (*.db) file will be created.

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