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Feature Comparison: V3 and V4

Conveyor V4 will continue to build upon and support the features introduced in V1 through V3 with added integrations supporting more object categories, materials, parameters, and coordination workflows.




Rhino Plugin

Rhino setup plugin controls for classifying Rhino objects as Revit types. Plugin provides Rhino.Inside.Revit integration for easy, direct interoperability.

Direct Modeling in Rhino

Create Rhino objects directly in Rhino using standard commands and methods. Native Rhino objects can be transferred directly into Revit.

Parametric Workflows in Rhino

Define and author geometry using Grasshopper in Rhino and can be extended with Rhino.Inside.Revit components.

Read Rhino 3DM from Revit

Revit plugin reads contents and classified objects from Rhino into Revit

Selective Rhino Object Import

Selectively import classified Rhino objects into Revit as BIM elements.

Selective Rhino Object Update

Identify Rhino object changes and selectively update Rhino objects into Revit.

DirectShape Materials

Imported DirectShapes will possess assigned materials coordinated between Rhino and Revit

DirectShape Material Assignment Utility

A Revit utility for assigning and updating materials of a DirectShape – including individual faces.

Get Revit Parameters into Rhino

When a Revit object is imported into Rhino, the Revit parameters are assigned as Rhino User Data on the object

Dynamic Bidirectional Updating

Users can edit imported objects in Revit and resend them to Rhino for further adjustment, retaining the same GUID.

Send Curtain Wall Grids to Revit

Users can send curtain wall grids to Revit, and can choose to automatically populate the Grid lines with Mullions upon import.

Send new Materials to Revit

When a Rhino object has a material name that does not yet exist in Revit’s material library, Conveyor creates a new Revit material, which inherits the Rhino material’s properties, and assigns it to the imported geometry.

Send nested Blocks to Revit

Users can send Rhino blocks that are composed with Rhino blocks to Revit as Families.

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