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Learning Series: Modular Design with Conveyor V4

This learning series gives Conveyor V4 users guidance on setting up workflows for modular design elements using a Multifamily building dataset, utilizing:

  • Revit groups
  • Rhino Unit Layouts structured as Nested Blocks
  • Blocked, Imported FF&E Elements from SketchUp Models, sourced from Trimble Warehouse

This workflow is compatible with Conveyor V4 or later.*

Questions regarding Conveyor or this learning series can be sent to us at

The example dataset contains Revit 2024, Rhino 7, Rhino material, and Grasshopper files.

*Please note that Rhino.Inside.Revit versions 1.14 or after appear to be compatible with Revit 2024. Refer to the Rhino.Inside.Revit website for additional information.

01/06: Introduction to the Modular Residential Dataset

This video starts the series by showing the starting point and end goal, and provides a real-world scenario that relates to this dataset.

02/06: Setting Up the Revit Document

This video shows how the Revit model has been set up with placeholder blocks in Groups to enable the Rhino elements to be imported and populated throughout the model.

03/06: Setting up the Rhino File

This video describes how the Rhino-based unit layouts have been configured in preparation to send elements to Revit.

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04/06: Send Unit Elements from Rhino to Revit

This video shows the process of sending objects from inside of a block in Rhino to Revit by layer, and explains factors related to each element that may affect the import process.

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05/06: Material Transfer

This video explains how new materials are created in Conveyor V4 and how users can add additional properties to materials in Revit.

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06/06: Additional Tips and Tricks

This video shows the import process for additional element types and explains how users can utilize Grasshopper to quickly place numerous blocks and apply transformations to each one prior to sending them to Revit.

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