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Essential Workflow Guide

Learn what’s new in Conveyor V4…

General Orientation to Conveyor

This video describes where to find the Conveyor Revit addin and demonstrates two modes of integrating Rhino with Revit including Conveyor’s integration with Rhino.Inside.

Introduction to Importing Rhino Objects into Revit

This video provides a general introduction to the basic Rhino-Revit import workflow using the Conveyor Revit Addin. The tutorial demonstrates how to set up a Rhino file, import Rhino objects into Revit, and update objects.

Conveyor Rhino-to-Revit Integration with Rhino.Inside

This video provides an overview of how Conveyor allows users to send their Rhino objects directly into Revit with a simple interface. The Conveyor plugin extends and enhances Rhino 7’s Rhino.Inside.Revit technology for a more integrated and easy workflow.

Conveyor Revit-to-Rhino Integration with Rhino.Inside

This tutorial describes the process for getting Revit objects – such as walls – into Rhino 7 using the Conveyor plugin. Conveyor introduces novel translation log that expands the Rhino-Revit integration with Rhino.Inside.Revit. Conveyor exposes a simple Rhino interface for getting and sending objects between Rhino and Revit.

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