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Coordinate Model Position

Supported Conveyor Versions: V2, V3, V4

Internal Origin to Internal Origin

Conveyor relies on the Internal Origin in both Rhino and Revit to coordinate element positions.

Revit Internal Origin

Revit’s Internal Origin, also known as the startup point, is the location where the Project Base Point and Survey Point are set when a new Revit model is opened.

Learn more in this Autodesk Article: About the Internal Origin

Revit Project Base Point

Adjusting Revit’s Project Base Point may affect the import location of Rhino elements due to the relationship between the Revit Project Base Point and Revit Levels.

Elements where the import location is dependent on a Revit Level, like Walls, may import to an unexpected elevation.

If this is the case, the properties for Levels in Revit can be adjusted so that their Elevation Base is the Survey Point rather than the Project Base Point.

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