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UPDATE ISSUE: Migrating Conveyor setup from V2 to V3

Conveyor v3 introduces a modified Rhino layer and object classification setup.

Conveyor v3 includes a modified Rhino layer setup to support object classification. This article describes information to support the migration of Conveyor v2 setups to V3

  1. Install Conveyor v3
  2. Open a Rhino file that uses a Conveyor v2 classifications setup.
  3. Run the ‘ConveyorV3’ command and select the appropriate unit setup.
    • ConveyorV3 will populate any missing classifications in the layer structure.
    • ConveyorV3 will not move your objects to any new layers.
  4. Refer to the table below to move objects to the appropriate Conveyor v3 layer.

Conveyor v3 Layer Migrations

v2 Layerv3 LayerNotes
AdaptivesAdaptive FamiliesLayer renamed
ComponentsComponent FamiliesLayer renamed
FloorsRoofMoved to a dedicated parent
StructureStructural FramingMoved to a dedicated parent
StructureStructural ColumnsMoved to a dedicated parent
MeshesComponent FamiliesMerged with Component Families
Walls-FaceBasedWallsMerged with walls
Curtain SystemsNew parent



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