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HOW TO: Manage Imported Family Materials

Supported Version: v1.0 and v2.0


Solid Rhino objects that are imported as a Revit family (blocks or solids) can have materials assigned to them. This section explains how materials can be managed between Rhino and Revit.

Basic Setup

Material names between Rhino and Revit should be coordinated by name

When coordinating materials between Rhino and Revit, Conveyor uses the material name. If a solid object has a material assigned to it, Conveyor will search the Revit document’s material library to determine a match.

Support for Rhino Solids

Solids classified as a Conveyor “Component” and imported as a Family will have a material assigned. The resultant Family will be created with a shared Instance parameter called “FormMaterial”. This parameter can be edited and changed by users using conventional parameter editing.

Support for Block Materials

Rhino blocks that contain elements with materials assigned will be converted to Revit families that have material instance parameters assigned to the respective elements. These materials can be re-assigned by the user using conventional Revit parameter editing.

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Known Limitations

Material assignment has the following limitations:

  • Imported mesh objects cannot receive materials.
  • Imported DirectShapes cannot receive materials.

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