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Revit Addins

The Conveyor install provides three Revit addins for supporting the Rhino-to-Revit workflow. After installation, these commands can be found under the “Proving Ground” tab in the Revit ribbon:

  • Getting Started – Opens the Introduction to Conveyor video series page in your browser.
  • What’s New – Opens the Conveyor Release Notes page in your browser.
  • Online Help – Opens the Conveyor Documentation site in your browser.
  • Conveyor Importer – Opens a dockable panel in Revit for loading Rhino objects into Revit and managing element updates.
  • Start Rhino.Inside – Starts the Rhino.Inside.Revit application.
  • Open Rhino UI – Opens the Rhino user interface from within Revit. The Rhino.Inside.Revit application must be started prior to using this function.
  • Setup Rhino File – A utility for exporting a Rhino 3DM file from Revit containing level and grid datums and Conveyor layers with the document families.
  • DirectShape Material – Opens a floating panel for editing the materials of imported DirectShapes.
  • Import Curves – Opens a utility for one-time imports of curve and point geometry into Revit documents and families.

Conveyor Importer

The Conveyor Importer command will launch a “dockable” Revit UI for selecting Rhino 3DM files and managing imports and updates to objects.

Import Geometry

The Import Geometry command functions in both the Revit Document and Family environment. The utility enables one-time importing of curve and point geometries that can be used for datum or other coordination.

Setup Rhino File

The Setup Rhino File command allows users to save a 3DM containing Revit project datums such as Levels and Grids for coordination. The 3DM will also contain a Conveyor layer structure with listings of Wall, Floor, Roof, and Structure family types present in the document. This utility is helpful for initial project coordination and origin alignment between documents.

Direct Shape Material

This utility allows users to apply materials to imported DirectShapes, either by Element or by Face.

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