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HOW TO: Convert a Room

Supported Version: v1.0 and v2.0

Setup Assumptions

This article describes how to convert room geometry from Rhino to Revit with the Conveyor tools.

  • Revit Requirements: None
  • Rhino Requirements: A Rhino text object assigned to the Rooms category and indicating the Room name and number.

Workflow with Rhino – Text

1. (Rhino) Define a text object

Create a text object with the text convetion [Room Name]:[Room Number]

2. (Rhino) Assign text to room category

Assign the text objects to the Room category.

Save the Rhino file.

3. (Revit) Launch Rhino Conveyor and select saved Rhino 3DM file

Launch the Rhino Conveyor tool in Revit and select a 3DM file containing room objects. Rooms will also need boundary objects if you want them to report area.

4. (Revit) Load selected levels into Revit

Load the text objects to create rooms. Tag the room category to review the Room Name and Number data.

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