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Importing Objects as Revit DirectShape Elements


The ‘Component Families’ Conveyor category provides several pathways to converting Rhino objects into Revit:

  • Family Conversion – The default conversion method is to have Conveyor create a “Family” and place an instance of the Family in the Model. While this process takes longer to complete, it does produce a native Revit Family containing geometry.
  • DirectShape Conversion – An alternative form of conversion results in the creation of DirectShapes. These are similar to ‘In place’ components but lack editability. This method is much faster as a method for converting geometry to Revit and they do offer an expanded range of Revit categories.

Selecting a Conversion Setting

Toggling between Family-based and DirectShape-based settings is achieved by editing the selected settings in either the Revit Addin or the Rhino Plugin.

Conveyor (Revit Addin)

Conveyor (Rhino.Inside)



Native Family Object
System Categories
Conversion Speed


Direct Shape

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