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New in Conveyor V3

General Orientation to Conveyor v3

This video describes where to find the Conveyor Revit addin and demonstrates two modes of integrating Rhino with Revit including Conveyor’s integration with Rhino.Inside.

Convert DirectShapes with Materials

This tutorial demonstrates a process for converting a collection of Rhino objects into Revit as a DirectShape including materials. The workflow also shows the ability to use DirectShapes to support element categories including Stairs.

Convert Revit Elements with Properties to Rhino

This tutorial demonstrates the process for converting Autodesk Revit elements into Rhino using Conveyor’s Rhino.Inside integration. The conversion also includes translating Revit property values into Rhino as object attributes. Additionally, Conveyor can manage updating Revit elements from Rhino.

Edit Revit DirectShape Materials

This tutorial describes how to use the DirectShape Materials tool included in Conveyor. DirectShapes are a popular object type to support imported geometry with Autodesk Revit. The Conveyor addin allows users to select Revit DirectShapes and change materials for the object or selected faces.

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