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Direct Get Revit Elements into Rhino

Supported Conveyor Version: v2, v3, v4

Setup Assumptions

Getting Revit elements into Rhino

1. Open the Rhino interface from Rhino.Inside.Revit

Under the Revit “Rhinoceros” tab, click the “Rhino” button to activate the Rhino modeling interface.

2. Run the “ConveyorV4” command to activate Conveyor

Under the Revit “Rhinoceros” tab, Rhino.Inside.Revit exposes the ability to access Rhino interfaces – including the Rhino’s modeling environment and Grasshopper’s computational design interface.

For previous versions of Conveyor, the Rhino command will vary.

3. Create and Select a Revit object to send to Rhino

  • Select a Revit element in an open Revit view in your project.
  • In Rhino, click the “Get from Revit” button in the Conveyor window.
  • The Revit object geometry will be created in the Rhino interface.
  • See also Dynamic Updating in Conveyor v4

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