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Direct Sending Adaptive Families to Revit (Rhino.Inside)

Supported Versions: v2.0, v3.0

Rhino.Inside Setup Assumptions

To learn more about this setup, here are several video tutorials demonstrating the Conveyor and Rhino.Inside connection.

1. Open the Rhino interface from Rhino.Inside.Revit

Under the Revit “Rhino.Inside” tab, click the “Rhino” button to activate the Rhino modeling interface.

2. Run the “Conveyor” Rhino command to activate Conveyor

Under the Revit “Rhino.Inside” tab, Rhino.Inside.Revit exposes the ability to access Rhino interfaces – including the Rhino’s modeling environment and Grasshopper’s computational design interface.

3. Create and/or Select Rhino Objects Representing Adaptive Families

Within the Rhino interface, create and/or select Rhino objects representing Adaptive Families (Close Polyline)

Ensure that a matching Adaptive Family type has been loaded into the Revit model.

4. In Rhino, click “Send to Revit” to Create Revit Geometry

In Rhino, click the “Send to Revit” button and Conveyor will create Revit elements in the active Revit model.

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